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Shawn ConnellyDo you find your customer base is more curious about craft and specialty beer these days? We think the answer is yes.

Are you a little unsure what “must have” beers to stock in your off-premise store or on-premise restaurant?

Do you feel less than confident about matching your beer selection to the appropriate glassware and food pairings?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we can help you!

BREWTHINK founder, Shawn Connelly, has a singular passion for beer and has been involved in the industry for nearly two decades. His professional knowledge spans all three tiers of the beer industry – having worked as a retail buyer/craft brands manager, craft beer, wine & spirits division manager for a regional distributorship and as a professional brewer, assisting the region’s pioneering craft brewery in R&D brewing and promotions/PR work.

Shawn is also a widely published professional beer journalist with work in both regional and nation/international magazines and beer publications. His quarterly column, entitled ‘Style Studies’ appeared in the internationally-circulated beer magazine, ‘The Beer Connoisseur’ for over five years, beginning with the inaugural issue. You can read some of his articles right here.

This national platform has allowed Shawn to grow a sizeable network of industry connections from brewers and brewery owners to regional and national distributors and importers. These connections, coupled his my real-world experience in the craft beer industry, can have immediate and impactful results for your business.

Shawn can show you strategies to generate interest and increase sales in the craft and specialty beer category. He can help you create a destination around craft beer and establish your business as a premier location for better beer culture – a niche that is growing and enjoys a dedicated following in nearly every market. Further, craft beer aficionados have shown the willingness to travel greater distances to patronize establishments that offer ‘hard to find’ and limited-release beer on their menu – and they bring their friends.

With an extensive professional background in promotions, marketing and new/digital media, Shawn brings a unique perspective on growing market share, generating buzz and in-store traffic via creative marketing solutions and social networking applications. He is also adept at “popularizing” otherwise obscure beer terminology and technical data, creating a non-threatening, snob-free atmosphere conducive to interaction and audience engagement. His style is both informative and easy-going. Whether speaking to laypeople or aficionados, Shawn has the ability to adapt his language and style to fit his audience and maximize retention and impact.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what other industry professionals have had to say about Shawn via Linkedin’s recommendations.

Additionally, Shawn specializes in the following services on a per need basis:

Customized “Beer Fundamentals” education sessions for staff members, waitstaff and hosts

Beer Style Basics – what’s the difference between lager and ale?

Beer Evaluation – Sensory skills

Serving Beer – Draught and bottled beer basics, pouring, presentation and proper temperatures

Glassware – Every beer has its glass

Food & Beer – Pairing beer with food to compliment or contrast



Event Hosting:

Beer Dinners – buffet or multi-course meals, themes, etc.

Tastings – By style, brewery or vertical tastings (“vintages”)

Parties – Open or private events, customized to the needs of the client


Promotion & Marketing Consultation:
Getting the (right) word out – How to talk craft beer

Advertising – Using local media, the internet

Social Media – My specialty … leveraging social networking tools and “viral” content to increase awareness, interest and response.


Cellar Maintenance:

Proper Beer Storage – upright or lay down, temperature control
Aging (cellaring) beer – Basics of cellaring, ABV, bottle conditioned beers



Working with Wholesalers/Distributors – getting the right beers for you.
Buying Season-Appropriate beers – build interest and anticipation around seasonal brews.
Best-Sellers – Staple beers, year-round favorites by style.



Rates are based on the length and complexity of the event or activity requested. Subject to availability, regular recurring events (weekly tastings, etc.) can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Single events, parties or beer education/consultation and staff training sessions carry the following basic rate schedule unless otherwise noted:

$50/Hour – Single event tastings, Beer Fundamentals individual staff training sessions.
$150/Event – Full tasting flights, Beer Dinners, Parties, Extensive, in-depth staff training sessions w. curriculum (3 hours +)

All rates and terms are negotiable, based on availability and complexity of request. This just means all requests will be considered on a ‘case by case’ basis, so let’s talk! Use the contact form below or email us at

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