Brewery: Brouwerij Bavik
Flanders Oud Bruin
ABV: 5.8%

This little beer pours a very clean medium amber color with virtually no head. What collar of foam that is detectable is slightly off-white and leaves a couple of random spots of intricate lacing in the tulip glass I’ve decanted into. The nose is of fermented fruit, cider vinegar, some earthy hay-like notes, and fresh-cut sour green apples. This one smells slightly sweet as well. The palate is really very tart up front and hardly yields to a nice woody character that follows. This ale is very tart and leaves the mouth watering for more, literally. The mouth feel is on the light side, but very crisp and clean like sucking on a sour apple. The woody, earthen mustiness comes through too, lingering in the mouth well after the beer is consumed. Tart and sharply acidic, this is a fine example of the oud bruin style. Oddly, my bottle reads that this ale is only 5.8% alcohol by volume although it’s listed elsewhere at 7.3%. I tend to believe my bottle, and my palate, on this one unless the alcohol is just that well hidden. A true treat and a great example of this semi-rare Belgian style in my opinion. Beers like these are a wonder – I can’t stop sniffing and sipping. The tart character of this beer literally makes the mouth water for more and this is one of only a handful of styles that elicit such a response in the imbiber. If only I had more … Superb!

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