About Brewthink


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BREWTHINK represents the evolution of over a decade of beer knowledge online, beginning with The Beer Philosopher blog in 2006 and the founding of The Aleuminati in 2008. The Beer Philosopher blog focused on local and regional beer news, reviews, photos, videos and information while The Aleuminati – the (Not So) Secret Society of Better Beer Drinkers – provided a full-fledged social network dedicated to all things beer, locally and worldwide.

Click on the drop-down links on the menu under “About BREWTHINK’ to learn more about each of these popular sites and how they prepared the way for a new online experience focusing on better beer throughout southern Illinois and beyond.

In 2016, BREWTHINK brings these long-standing digital platforms together into one comprehensive online source for better beer – articles, news and reviews, photos, videos, events and interaction – it’s all in one place. BREWTHINK is poised to help you continue to “drink wisely” for years – and beers – to come.